What is Photography Really All About? The Science of Light and Some Philosophy…

Photography is a pretty amazing subject. I mean, just think about it, it is the orchestration and the meeting of light forever frozen upon a well decorated still frame. Developed in the dark to bring out the beauty of light, photos have forever amazed us and it is why we cherish them.


As humans we are obsessed with stories and storytelling. There are few stories that photos cannot tell in an emotional, visceral kind of way. Whether it is to harvest the dream of travel, or to express the sadness of atrocities, or the love of a family or the passionate romance of newlywed lovers… photos are stories told in images.


When you go about your photography business with this kind of idea, it really brings a new light (see what I did there?) to the subject matter at hand! It makes it all the more meaningful and I think that is important because as a photographer you are a visual artist by the very nature of your amazing profession.


Keep that in mind.


Always look for new ways to tell the story. For instance, photographers that travel the world have for decades took amazing photos of beaches and the ocean. However it was only recently that someone was crazy enough to put together a whole equipment apparatus to allow them to simply go into the ocean and take pictures not just of waves – but in waves.


All that was needed was a simple waterproof camera with a good gripper and a rope to tie to your wrist so you do not lose it when the waves crash into you.


Not only is this incredibly fun, incredibly creative, but it was incredibly profitable for this wave photographer. Now people are buying photos from him all the time from all over the world of these beautiful waves from the North Shore of Hawaii. He became so viral with his art work that he was brought onto various television shows. Everyone wanted to know why did he start doing this very strange method of photography. People were ecstatic!




Because it was someone telling a story in a brand new totally refreshing angle – the story of the wave.


When you think about photography, think about how you can do something similar. How can you tell this story of light and darkness, that you are imprinting onto a still forever frame, in a totally new way?


This alone can skyrocket your career past the grind of just selling stock photos or doing high end client work you may not be nearly as passionate about. When you think of photos as stories told through the language of imagery, your whole world changes. At least it should.


Study how creativity works, how new ideas form in our heads, then put it into practice. The more you do this, and as you master your craft more, the more amazing stories you will be able to dream up through the ever warring lenses of light and dark that is your camera.

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