How to Make Money as a Travel Photographer Series Part 2 – The Money!

Alright, so we have been talking about different ways you can set up your travel photography audience. We have gone over a bit about how you just need a simple website and you can use wordpress (on your own private shared hosting of course) to get everything up and running.


After that you just need a few social media accounts going and you are off to the races with your new business!


So how do you actually make money selling your photography? There is a few different ways.


First of all, realize that your blog is now set up to do more than just make money with selling your photos. Let us dive into the 3 different ways you can really start to monetize a travel photography blog or website that can lead into a very handsome professional level income for yourself (and all location independent to boot!)


1 – Affiliate Marketing for Photographers


This sounds weird if you have no idea what it is. Basically you just sign up for’s associates program (it is free!). Once you are signed up, you can literally sell anything you want on their website. All you do is put a link to that product using what is known as an affiliate link, when people on your website click through to Amazon’s website and buy that product, Amazon will actually give you a commission.


Not only that, but the visitor is cookied to you for 24 hours. That means a tracking code will follow that user and for the next 24 hours anything a person buys on Amazon will be commissioned a small percentage of the profit to you.


Pretty cool.


How this works for you is by simply making recommendations on travel gear and photograpghy set up. The fact is, most people reading your blog likely will want to do something similar as you so why not share these products with them?


Cameras, lenses, various travel photographer hacks you learn along the way can all be products you can sell as a travel photographer.


2 – Stock Photos that Make Royalties Over and Over Again


This is one avenue where we can actually sell our photos on an infinite basis. So instead of client work where we are taking photos specifically for one person and one person only, we can sell the same photos over and over again.


This works by uploading those pictures for sell on a stock photo website (there are tons of them to choose from).


When someone sees your picture and wants that picture, they can click on it and buy it. The stock photo company will get paid and so will you – and an infinite amount of people can actually buy this stock photo from you creating a semi-passive style income for yourself.


Some travel photographers understand this process so well that this is ALL they do! You can too, but it takes time and hundreds of really well crafted photos. By building a web presence and an audience as talked about in part 1, you will be able to speed up how many stock photos of yours you will sell.


3 – Another idea is to team up with local businesses and produce photographs of their goods or services to use on their website, pamphlets, brochures, business cards, or other promotional materials. You can help produce these materials for them, if that’s an area you’re comfortable and efficient with, or you can just take the photos, sell them to the company, and be done. It will depend on your expertise and on the needs of that business. For example, you could contact a limousine company and see if they need photos of their vehicles to use on their website. Or you could offer to photograph the inside of a spa, to show potential clients what a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that location provides. Many business owners aren’t great photographers, and would gladly hire someone like you to make their space, assets, service, or products look fantastic.



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