How to Actually Make Money as a Travel Photographer Part 1

Welcome back!


Today, we announce a series on how to make money as a travel photographer. Photography is all about the beauty of capturing light, rendering it into a static form and turning it truly into a piece of artwork to be admired for as long as it exists.


Many people wonder how can they actually make a living from their photography, and today’s blog post is going to help you out… A TON!


The first thing is to get your crap into order! You need a website, preferably a blog. You can go the free route with a free blogspot or a free wordpress website, but I would advise against this if you are wanting to make your blog into a real profession that makes a real professional level income. The reasoning why is that these blogs are not owned by you, thus it can be taken away at any time. Not only that, but I believe it is also against terms of service for wordpress free site users to monetize their blogs.

So watch out for that.


Buying a website is easy though, it will cost you between $10-20 bucks from Godaddy and $5 in hosting a month from Hostgator. You might say you cannot build a website, but that is no longer a valid excuse in 2016! If roofers and mobile auto detailers and lawn services can all have these incredible – looking websites, then so can you! Sure, some of them hire out the service to savvy webmasters, but many more dust off their desktop, get online and learn how to do it themselves!


You just simply install wordpress into this blog – usually a one click situation and it is all setup with Hostgator. Then you just upload a theme and bam… a professional website can be up and running in about a day to a day and half.


From there you can start capturing your adventures and your exploits. The next step is to set up your social media presence. This can be as simple as creating a professional twitter and facebook page dedicated to your photography. People LOVE pictures on Pinterest so I highly recommend to use that social media channel to your advantage BIG TIME!


You can get ridiculous amounts of traffic from all three of these sources, but I would suggest really hammering and focusing on one.


As you blog, you will start gaining some real traffic that can turn into customers. This can be done by monetizing your website in a few different ways, something we will cover in the next portion of this make money as a travel photographer blog series.


First, set up your wordpress website that you own. You can also get an account with MailChimp which is free up to 2,000 members that will allow you to build an email newsletter actively for your business.


This is very important as the money really is in the list that you own more than anything else. Every time you create a new blog post full of beautiful pictures or thoughts, you want to send an email out to this email list you are building to bring people back to the website.


Over time, this email list will become the #1 driver of income for your photography business and will also allow you to remain location independent as a photographer traveling the world taking pictures of really cool things.




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