5 Tips for Travel Photography

The lust for travel fills us every day as we clock in and clock out at our little cubicles in our sometimes very large offices. We dream about traveling and taking amazing pictures, and possibly one day even making a living off of travel photography.  So what can we do to put the best foot forward when it comes to abandoning the office and going abroad with our photography skills?


Well, this article is going to identify 5 key areas you can use to grow your photography skills.


Let us dive into it!


Tip #1 Think Mobile


You are traveling, often to places that are not going to have many conveniences for you as a photographer. That means you need to be prepared when you leave. Make sure you have everything you could possibly need, preferably in the smallest form.


For instance, you likely will not want to carry around a green screen with you in your backpack as you are moving throughout the wilderness. But say you needed that green screen for some kind of branding shot for a customer.


What do you do? Carry a green blanket with you. Easy.


Tip #2 Your Phone is a Friend


In today’s market, the cameras on phones are very good. This is fantastic for a travel photographer because we almost always have our phones with us. Using a camera phone presents several benefits with traveling and taking snapshots.


Obviously the convenience is the biggest factor. Out at a street food venue that is hopping? Snap a shot. Get a really cool meal in a foreign country? Instagram it immediately and add cool filters.


Tip #3 Download Photoshop Apps on Your Phone


Going back to just how awesome a phone is for a photographer nowadays, you should download all the worthwhile apps before leaving on your travels as it relates to taking photos. There are plenty of photoshop apps out there that do a really, really good job.


You can take even an amateur photo and turn it into a piece of art. Keep this in mind, because traveling might restrict a lot of your choices of what kind of shots you will have the chance to snap.

Tip #4 Travel Light


While you want to be as prepared as you can, you also want to be very light footed. Becoming bogged down by camera equipment will keep you stationary and actually prevent you from being able to take really cool photos of really cool things that you would never had been able to get to by lugging camera gear all over the place.


Tip #5 Carry Extras of Everything


This again is related to being prepared (noticing a pattern?).


You want extra batteries, maybe even an extra mobile charger for your smartphone too. This allows you to be as prepared as possible. Likewise a thin green blanket can come in handy for certain more client based jobs that you can earn money with as you go about your journey.

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